One Great Flaw

(A sci-fi short)


    Um. Hello. How are you today? Is it nice where you are? The weather and stuff? How’s your Unit? I mean, I guess, if you have one. I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’ve never done this before, write to someone, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing exactly. Anyway, I guess I should start at the beginning and get you up to speed, I really do hope everything’s ok where you are though.

    This all started less than a week ago. My 16th birthday actually. I woke up and, just like every morning, I called over my Psych-Bot, 7s series, he was really top of the line.

    “Psych-Bot, On!” 

    “What dreams would you like me to analyze today, Maxx?”

    Oh, I guess I should probably say, my name is Maxx, Maxx Second, but everyone just calls me Maxx since my dad’s gone, but, well, I guess I’ll get into that later, anyway…

    “My REM-z dosage was pretty active last night, so get ready.”

    “Always ready and willing, Maxx. Just go ahead with the first thing you can remember.”

    “Well, for one thing I was thinking a lot about if higher multiples have a higher infinite number? Like will a multiple of 10 have a larger infinity than a multiple of 2? And I was also wondering if maybe in the future people will live without technology, or if in the past they did. And I was also thinking how funny it is that screens are really…everywhere, on the refrigerator, on the computers, on my books, everywhere! And I was-”

    “Maxx, what are the three things you are not allowed to question?”

    “I just-“


    “Math, science, and technology.”

    “That’s right Maxx, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had to warn you, how are you going to feel knowing the Reviewers are going to send another message to Zeny? You must try to break yourself of these habits.”

    “Yeah I know, mom’ll be pretty mad again. I just can’t help it sometimes, these questions and things sort of just, pop into my head.”

    “It’s a phase Maxx, it will pass just like your other ones. You aren't still imagining the voice of your father at night, I trust?”

    “No, well, ye-no. I’m not. That’s stopped.” 

    “Alright then, I’m sending this in if you’ve finished, since you have to get ready for class. We can check back in tomorrow morning, hopefully with something that the Reviewers will be happier with!”

    At that point I remember I went into room four and started my morning routine. Same as every other day. Birthdays weren't celebrated in my Unit like they were in Jex’s or Kyndy’s. (My two best friends in class.) Birthdays were just another reminder that my dad wasn't here, since they were supposed to be celebrated with all four members of the Nuclear. We were practically down to two anyway, my sister, Shayn, she barely left room three. She just did her classes and classwork and popped REM-z all day, way more than her assigned dosage. So yeah, it was pretty much just me and my mom, Zeny. 

    After reaching 95% cleanliness-the reviewers only required 95%, why anyone would waste time getting to 100 is beyond me, even though my mom always did, I went back into room two, sat at my desk, and turned on my class monitor. 

    “Welcome back to Classroom Ten Maxx! Today’s itinerary is as follows; Class lessons will begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm. Break will take place from 12:00pm to 1:00pm Classwork will begin at 4:00pm and end at 6:00pm. Please log in to your Peer-room and begin the days lessons. Today you will be starting with your History Ten lecture.”

    So I logged in, it’s really sort of weird to think back to these memories now, knowing what I know. Knowing that I really didn't have to listen. But, you know, it’s hard. When you’re told your whole life you have to do something you just, sort of, do it.

    My subjects in the Classroom were all very boring. It felt like I was learning the same exact thing every year, every day even. It just sort of seemed like we were scratching the surface, obviously there was a time before the 21st century, but it was never spoken about. Sometimes I felt like I was the only one who thought that was problematic. I just couldn't understand how a class could be called History if it wasn't actually teaching history.

    During break, like always, I started a V-chat with Jex and Kyndy. 

    “Honestly, Maxx, it’s the same thing every year with you. All these questions. I get it, Jex gets it, but there’s nothing we can do, do you really want another Visit?”

    I knew that Kyndy was right, she usually was. You see Jex and Kyndy were the only ones I could be honest with about how I was feeling. I couldn't talk to my mom at all, every time I started asking questions about her life growing up she would just smile and she would tell me that I shouldn't be worrying or concerning myself with these things. But there was always this twinge in her eyes, this deep burning look that the smile on her mouth couldn't reach. I knew there was something she wanted to tell me but couldn’t, and that made me even more worried and confused. 

    With Jex and Kyndy, I could talk to them, they would take me seriously, but I ran the risk of getting Flagged. And trust me, it had happened a fair few times already so I had to be really careful. I’d had three Visits in just Year Nine alone. 

    You see, everything that we do is seen, except no one really thinks about it. No one seems to have a problem with it. Psych-Bots know what we dream and send them in for Review. What we eat, what we wear, how we do everything is predetermined for us and checked up on, and don't even get me started on Class. Our Break Time and Work Time is all recorded. And I seemed to be the only damn person bothered by this. 

    I was sitting as my desk in room two about to log back in to my next lesson when all of a sudden I heard the main monitor in room six buzzing. I knew what that meant. Kyndy had been right to warn me, I was getting another Visit. I crept closer to where Zeny was and listened:

    “Zeny, I’m here, once again, regarding Maxx. This is an official Visit from the Control Headquarters, Reviewer Division. Now, without interruption please, the charges I’m due to bring forth are as follows; two weeks ago to the date Maxx was viewed on camera tapping on the wall of room five in your Unit, touching it, putting his ear against and kicking it. He then proceeded to look directly into the room five, camera three, surveillance recorder. For this he was flagged. Today he received two more flags making it a total of three within much less than a month. This morning, fellow Reviewers received notice from Maxx’s Psych-Bot that he was questioning in his dreams again, he was also not entirely truthful about what his dreams were, we have reason to believe he did indeed have dreams of Maxx First once again. Finally, mere moments ago, Maxx, while on Break from Class, spread his toxic questioning to Jex Second and Kyndy. Now Zeny, this is obviously not the first time, I must strongly advise you to address these issues with Maxx, and to let him know that the next Visit will no longer be a warning, at that point, he will be Removed from your Unit.”

    I couldn't listen to my mom cry again, and I couldn't hear any more. I quietly hurried back into room two and shut the door. In the background I saw my monitor flashing with pop quiz questions from the Robotics Ten course I was supposed to be viewing. I just couldn't bring myself to finish out the day, I signed out of Class and knew I would have double the work tomorrow, but at that moment I didn't care. 

    I threw myself on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I had heard of people being Removed before. It was one of the really vague memories I had from when my dad was still around. My dad used to tell me things. He was different than mom, or then -it seemed- like the other kids parents. My dad used to tell me stories. Stories of people who knew how to time travel and teleport, and of a world beyond our Unit. He used to tell me about things like flying machines that would take you to different places. He always used to talk about things like beauty and nature, he actually told me that he had seen a sunrise. I used to think he was making all of these things up to make me laugh or spook me, I was just a kid after all, but he always seemed pretty serious from what I can remember of him. And a few years back when I tried to bring this stuff up to my mom she nearly had a nervous breakdown. That was a long time after they told me he died. That time I didn't even get three flags in a month, I just got a Visit that very same day. I remember so clearly my mom that night before I went to sleep. She forbade me to speak about the things Maxx First spoke of. I listened to her. Not because I was scared of her punishing me, she wasn't yelling or angry, she was scared. And her being scared, scared me. That’s when I really started believing that my dad was right, and believing all the things he used to tell me were true.  

    For a long time I really tried to keep my thoughts to myself. Especially since the other kids in my class chats didn't seem to know any of the things I was talking about. But then the dreams I’d always had started getting worse. I started remembering things, I knew they were memories despite my mom and my Psych-Bot telling me they were only dreams or visions, make-believe. I remembered a sort of, portal, opening up in the ceiling of room six. I remember my dad telling me that he had to go away. I remembered my mom and sister crying. Everything else is kind of fuzzy, but I just always remember being told my dad was dead from that point on. 

    I personally never believed that Maxx First was dead. I can’t explain to you why, but I always had this feeling that somewhere, far beyond our Unit, he was still out there. There was a lot of mystery surrounding my father, so many unexplained things, I just couldn't believe he was dead, I remembered him being taken away, I could see it when I really concentrated. 

    A few days after that last Visit I was laying down in my bed, about to take my REM-z and try to fall asleep. My classes were getting harder and harder to pay attention too. My head was constantly swimming with troubling thoughts and memories. 

    It made me so angry that all of this stuff happened to me. Why was Maxx First taken away? Why did I feel like I was being lied to, being told he was dead? Why did he know things that others didn’t? Why was everyone trying to hide those things, and why was I being punished for thinking about them? I felt so bad for my mom, she was so noticeably scared all the time, and my sister, it felt like I hadn't seen her in forever. 

    For the first time I had this really crazy idea…what if I tried to leave my Unit? I mean, it was inevitable that I’d be Removed anyway, I knew things, and I couldn't hide them forever, I couldn't hide my emotions. I’d tried to see what was outside before, but failed every time, I’d never though about actually leaving though. I just didn't see the point of staying here, I wanted to know if what Maxx First spoke of was really true. I wanted to see different places, I wanted to feel what he felt and to know what he knew, and I really wanted to see the sun.

    I must’ve been sat there for 15 minutes, when the REM-z dispenser started beeping because I still hadn't taken it, it shook me out of my thoughts. I reached out and grabbed the pill, thinking that I needed a good nights sleep more than ever. 

    All of a sudden my body shook with a jolt and at first I didn't realize what was happening, but when I pulled myself together I saw the light of my Psych-Bot was shining bright and it was moving toward my bed like it did when I commanded it to. I wanted to yell out, but I was curious and frozen. Before I really had time to think, I heard a voice, but it wasn't the monotone voice of the Psych-Bot, no…there was an entirely different voice coming through the speaker, but one that I distinctly knew. 

    “Maxx, listen closely because there isn't much time…it’s me Maxx, your dad, I know you probably have a thousand questions right now but you can only hear me, I can’t hear you, and I have to be fast, you’ll need all the time you can get. There is a necklace I gave to your mother, you need to go to her bedroom and get it—”

    Bedroom? House? What was he talking about? The message was getting through but I hadn’t heard these words in so long, not since the last time I remember my dad speaking to me.

    “—the necklace contains information that will explain everything, things your mother couldn't have told you unless she’d known for sure I was still alive, things almost entirely forgotten by everyone still in existence. I don’t know where she’s hidden it, you’ll have to find it. All of the cameras in you house are frozen on you your mom and your sister in your beds, so no one will notice something is wrong until morning. But that means you’re really short on time Maxx, you have to read everything before morning, and write everything by morning. I’ve been trying for the past week to infiltrate your Psych-Bot while you were asleep and pass along the message that I’d left something hidden, I finally was able to break into the Control Headquarters. There’s some obscene stuff here Maxx, stuff you wouldn't believe, they're trying to penetrate peoples thoughts now, to see if their leaving out information when they speak to their robots. They're suspicious that the older folks are starting to remember things that have been repressed. Whatever you do, don't take anymore of those pills they give you. They’re trying to speed up time and they're destroying all of the remnants they can get their hands on from every religion. Anyway, there’s no time to explain further. Now, remember,you have until morning! I have to go now Maxx, I have to go. Just read it all, look at everything. I love you, and please, trust what I left behind, I would never lie to you Maxx, everyone else has been lying.”

    The Psych-Bot rolled back to where it was before and it’s light turned off once again. I found that I couldn't move right away, my body was involuntarily vibrating. I realized I wasn't breathing, and I forced myself to take a breath. I knew I had to act quickly. 

    I ran as quietly as possible to room five. I looked at the outline of Zeny’s body under her sheet. She was all the way to the right side of the bed, the left side looked untouched and barren. Her long dark hair was sprawled all over her pillow and her breathing was soft and even. A million memories from my childhood flashed passed my minds eye in that single moment. Even though it was a blur of recollections they each seemed, to me, to be distinct and profound. I found that the memory of her smile was what lingered in my head, she rarely smiled anymore, in fact I couldn't remember the last time I had seen her with any kind of light in her eyes. When I was a child her entire face would light up when she was happy. Her eyes would shrink down to slits and her cheeks would puff up, she would throw her head back and abandon all restraints. My dad always told her how much he loved her laugh, I can remember him saying it to her on so many occasions. I found myself longing for her happiness. 

    This whole time I didn't give too much thought to the fact that my dad had gotten in touch with me. I’d always known he was out there. I have no idea how, I just did. I felt as if I had been waiting for this day my entire life, and these next few hours would be crucial for my future. I knew how hard it must have been for him to reach me, whatever he was trying to show me, it must be something really, really big. 

    For what felt like hours I searched room five. In reality it was probably only a few minutes. The thing is, our Units don't really have much in them. There isn't room to keep anything hidden, no place to store secret information. I could feel beads of sweat breaking through my forehead. It was getting harder and harder to keep my breathing steady and quiet. My fingers began to flex and I felt panic rising up in my throat. I had to find this, it wasn't an option. 

    I’d already searched every corner of the room, trying incredibly hard not to wake Zeny. Once again I peered over at her, through the darkness I saw her stir in her sleep. I noticed how some of her hair was tucked into her sleeping shirt, or, no, it wasn't hair. Was that…? 

    I slipped over to her side. It felt like a thousand needles were pricking my hand as I reached out toward the brown cord around her neck that had never been visible under her day clothes. It began to feel like the walls were closing in on me, like hundreds of eyes were glaring at me as I grasped the thin rope. There was a tiny knot above her left shoulder, carefully but deliberately I picked the knot apart and slipped the cord away from her neck. As I swung the necklace toward me, I noticed a rectangular wooden pendant. Would this small block hold the answers to all of my questions? As I was quietly exiting room five and heading back to room two, I could have sworn I heard Zeny sigh with relief. 


    After realizing the pendant was in fact a small storage device and finishing going through my fathers collected information, I closed my eyes. It was nearly the waking hour, I knew what that meant for me. I quickly typed out my end of our story, so as to make everything clear for you, reader. 

    I sit here now, alone, waiting for them to come and take me. They’ll be able to see all of the things I’ve looked at throughout the night when they review my Unit. 

    But them taking me is my only chance of escaping. I don't know what will be on the other side. If all goes as planned, I’ll be able to meet with the people my father spoke of, and even meet my father, defeat the controllers, and send this back to you. I know how much responsibility I have now, but I don't feel scared. I am worried that even if this does work…it still may not change anything, and things may never go right. Leaving behind my mom and sister was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I know it will be easier to do this on my own, it will be too risky to travel with other people and to explain everything to them.

I hear something now


They’re coming closer

Please if this works, heed my fathers warning

Remember his name when you start to see the signs

I hear a hatch opening, and footsteps above my head

I see…the brightest light I’ve ever seen in my whole life, I’m headed into that light now.


    Well Maxx, I’m not sure how much time you’ll have to read this when the opportunity eventually arises. Please know that I love you all very, very much. That’s why I’m writing this now, hearing you snore in the next room, I don't want this life for my family. To answer you before you ask, your sister always showed signs of conforming to the path of least resistance, while you seemed to challenge everything in your perception, even at an extremely young age. I knew that there was a lot of me in you Maxx, and the world needs someone like you to stand up for the rest who are too scared to do it themselves, or maybe they don't even realize they can. 

    First, a little bit about my life, since you never really got to experience me. I’ll keep this bit short and sweet since you need to get on to more pressing matters. 

    I grew up very different then you did, Maxx. You wouldn't recognize the world I lived in as a child. People freely roamed the streets, the outside world, saw other countries and saw their own. They met other people, face to face, and they loved and they laughed and they were free to express how they felt. When I was very young, I began to notice certain things about the world. There was a specific point in my life when I remember other boys in my school purposefully starting fights because it amused them, I remember growing up as a teenager and all my peers ever spoke about was their love interests or popular new trends; in tech, in fashion, in celebrity idolization. To me it seemed like everyone was brainwashed, because what I also noticed was some really significant things happening in our world, politically, scientifically and otherwise, and it seemed to me like I was the only one who gave it any thought. I began to loose friends, I stayed quiet in my classes, I even stayed quiet around my mom and dad (your grandparents) because I knew if I shared what I was thinking it would go over their heads. I understood very early on that no one in my immediate family or in my group of friends was going to understand the things I thought about, and so I took to reading. Books, newspapers, blogs, articles, whatever I could get my hands on. What I soon began to realize was that there were people out that who thought as I did, and a lot of them felt very isolated as well. I began to tinker around with the idea of organizing some sort of meeting, where I could get all these people in a room together and have an open conversation with them. There’s just too much to explain in what I’m trying to make short, but things were happening Maxx. Politicians were being outed as corrupt and no one seemed to care, countries were entering into quasi-wars and media outlets weren't covering it, millions of jobs were being lost to machines, and it seemed more and more like our society was being plunged into a systematic and robotic way of living. 

    After feeling this way for some time, I somehow managed to graduate college. I knew that I wanted to be a writer for the sake of making my ideas public. I had no idea if anyone would read them, but I felt it was my calling. I began an online blog, and also started writing for a local paper. I wrote mostly about current events; about corruption that spread all the way to the leaders of the free world, about new discoveries in quantum physics, about hacked elections and about media outlets spreading complete falsehoods. In time i began to accumulate a small following of readers, and some would even share their own views with me, regarding the topics I wrote about. 

    Out of this happenstance, emerged 5 people who would alter the course of my life and the lives of everyone. At the time I had no way of knowing. As one of the only people who was publicly discussing these serious topics, naturally others who thought along the same lines gravitated toward me. When I saw their own studies and articles popping up my afterthought of a blog idea became more and more prominent, I needed to get these people together, to share ideas. The five people that I consistently saw following my writings couldn't have been any more different from each other, and yet one in the same. 

    There was Aldo, the priest; Basil, the physicist; Abaddon, the conspiracy theorist; Zoe, the artist; and Stephen, the philosopher. (I have to tell you Maxx, Zoe is your mothers real name, and through this “secret society” if you can call it as such, is how we met.)

    I began to tirelessly work on a plan to get the 6 of us all together. I decided to invite them to my apartment, and to call the name of our group Uplifted. Over the time that we’d been conversing through my blog we’d all gotten to know each other rather well. I sent the 5 of them private messages telling them about my idea to meet and after only a few hours they all had responded with a strong “yes.” I wont lie to you, I was extremely nervous, after not having much human contact for a few months. You see, after college I sort of hid myself away, I was suffering with a severe social anxiety disorder. When I would try to go out and meet new people, it just ended in disappointment and I figured that I was better off on my own. 

    Over the next few weeks I obtained my five followers addresses and I was going to send them some sort of formal invitation, this way I knew they were who they said they were when they showed up at my door. I made Uplifted VIP badges with instructions on where to find me and at what time. It told them to come alone and to tell absolutely no one about what we were doing. As you can (or can’t) imagine, these people were from all over the country, nonetheless, all 5 turned up at my doorstep on time, with cases full of notes, papers, articles, and books. 

    I honestly couldn't believe they all came, but their drive and passion for bringing the horrors of our world to light pushed them all to my small messy home.

    They all stayed for about a month. During that time we had extensive meetings and talks about all sorts of things; sharing theories on how to expose corruption, thoughts on how to change our world for the better, how best to recruit people for a change movement, coverups that the media was hiding, the exposure of war-for-profit, the way other men and women who were trying to facilitate change had mysteriously disappeared, scientific revolutions that were being hidden from the general public, like memory altering. We compiled a series of articles that were written by others and by ourselves, and we all agreed that at the end of our thirty short days together, when everyone went back to their own lives, that this would be our soul focus; to get as many trust worthy people involved as possible and to get our message out in any way that we could. We needed to gain the attention of the masses in order to bring the worlds corruption to light. We were going to start conjoined blogs, magazines, and news papers, self written, self printed, and self distributed. 

    I’m brushing over a lot of detail here in the interest of time. We, fascinatingly, gained a large following. So many people (even internationally) read our material and we gained the attention of small time politicians that were also fighting for change. Our message of peace and honesty seemed to be spreading, and Uplifted soon gained some coverage on mainstream media. We had countless people writing in to us about how they were discontented with the powers that be, how they wanted to see them held accountable for their actions, and how they wanted to give more power back to the general population instead of just a corrupt select few. They wanted people who represented their dreams in positions of power, and this was the desire all around the world.

    Things all seemed to be going in the right direction. For a while. About a year after our original meeting we’d had several peaceful protests, and organized meet ups with many other people, we worked to sign petitions and do whatever we could to bring peace to our communities. Our biggest achievement, however, seemed to be actually getting one of our own into politics. Abaddon, the conspiracy enthusiast, had been working in local politics for all of his adult life, and with the support of the Uplifted movement, he quickly rose in his position. The problems started there, but the real trouble was, only me and Zoe (your mother) saw those problems for what they were. 

    Abaddon began to propose changes in the name of our organization that had nothing to do with its values. Despite that, not everyone knew about or agreed with our organization, and on top of that he proposed these ideas in nice packaging, beautifully tied up with a bow.

    Perhaps the most radical suggestion from Abaddon was the call for PAB; Pregnancies on an Approved Basis. People loved it. I was shocked. He argued that if our world was going to continue to become more open minded and intelligent, there needed to be an approval process in order for women to give birth, those of a low caliber of intelligence, income, or anyone with any number of problems, could be rejected from having their child. An overwhelming number of people supported him, people outside of the Uplifted community and even people within. Myself and your mother couldn't understand why this was happening, but it was really only the beginning of what was to come.

    Uplifted soon became the very thing we had been fighting against for so long. Abaddon began to gain a following of his own, one that was especially strong. We had gone from a community hell bent on freedom to one that was advocating for recording devices on busses and streets and trains, that was pushing for stronger regulations and allowing lobbyists to fund campaigns. It was really a heartbreaking thing to watch. 

    Needless to say I tried to confront Abaddon and the rest of the Uplifted community several times, telling them that this was not what our group was supposed to be about. Abaddon was using our name to completely undo all of the good we had done in the past, and the crazy thing was, he did not see it that way at all, he actually believed he was doing the right thing. His endorsements from foreign governments began to pour in, news papers began to celebrate his victories as victories for the good of all people. The opposers were stifled, media outlets began to leak false scandals about others in the “original” Uplifted community, they began to call us frauds and phonies, and soon our name was only associated with the jarring changes Abaddon was making. 

    After a few months of activism and simultaneously hoping things would die down and people would see these horrid changes for what they were, a breaking news report was released: Abaddon and his team of political men and women had been working tirelessly with a new piece of technology that would forever change our planet, the very fabrication of the human race, and as far as I was concerned, the course our world was supposed to take. It was wrong Maxx, all completely wrong. Somehow, through use of his unlimited resources, Abaddon had harnessed the power of time.

    I was one of the first people to know about it, given the fact that we were still all a part of a very much divided Uplifted community, and although we all had an equal share in the community, I was considered the unsung leader since I had initially rallied everyone together. I’m sure he didn't want me knowing, but long before this came about, when Abaddon first started making external connections, it so happened that he appointed one of my old school friends as an assistant, in fact, my only school friend. Needless to say with the right amount of finesse and money offered, that old schoolfellow blossomed into a very valuable person to have on my team. I’m not proud to admit this, Maxx, but my thinking was that it was a pretty innocent relationship, really he was just informing me about decisions that were to be made. I would have found out about them anyway, I just happened to know ahead of time.

    Late one rainy night he came to me. Four knocks on the door. I opened up and greeted him with a smile, but I got none in return.

    “Grave business, I’m afraid.”

    Those were the last few words I heard before my life was altered. 

    Science had been advancing at a rapid rate. The general public widely suspected that there were secrets being kept by governments and specialized groups. This, quite specifically, was one of the things Uplifted wanted to do away with. Obviously advancements were inevitable, but when they were hidden from the public, there was normally a reason. It was rumored that people had been experimenting with DNA combinations, with the cloning of humans, and with time manipulation. These things could all be used for good, in theory, but if harnessed by the wrong hands the results could potentially be catastrophic. The human race has a way of acting immediately and asking critical questions later. “In the name of science!” If anyone dared to question the motive.  

    Along the way of his political and theoretical career, Abaddon had met the right people at the right time. His radical ways has slowly been muddied, “for the betterment of all” slipped into “for the betterment of myself”. 

    I quickly realized what this meant in terms of how much power Abaddon had. If he could control time he could do any number of things, and even without actually doing anything the looming threat of what he could potentially do would scare every last human on earth, or exhilarate them. I’d seen a special type of hunger in his eyes, one that comes from lust and greed and narcissism, but I’d never imagined it could be taken this far. Abaddon was one of the most intelligent men I knew, but he was power hungry. 

    My informant filled me in on all that I didn't already know. I looked over the papers that had been stolen, papers outlining horrible parts of Abaddon’s mind. Drawings, posters, horrifying ideas all laid out for me to see.  

    From there Maxx, everything changed. I went to my former friend, my former brother. I stood before him and let him know that I knew what he’d done and the ability he now held. His eyes became clouded, dark and narrow and he refused to listen to me. Soon, the rest of the world knew what I knew.

    We were living in a complete militia state. Abaddon’s followers controlled everything. If anyone put a toe out of line they were either harshly reprimanded or killed on the spot. Police became both judge and jury. He believed in order to retain full control he had to limit the worlds population as much as possible. There were mass fires and strategic outbreaks of disease and viruses. Any new medical discoveries that might enable longevity were stolen by his army, and their creators killed. His world had no room for excess. 

    But Maxx, in his head, he was doing the world a service. You see, Abaddon, especially from being a part of the Uplifted movement, had taken on the idea that the only way to end the corruption in the world was to start anew. To put a limit on the worlds population, and to only allow children to grow up with limited knowledge. To have one man who regulated the human race, and kept them all in peace. The only way to get out the bad in the world was to rid it completely of any chance of bad ever happening, his end goal justified the means by which he had to achieve it. I believe he knew what he was doing was horrible, but in the end, there would be a perfect utopia. His perfect utopia. A world that could be controlled and where everyones needs were met at a whim. A world where peoples knowledge of war or pain was no longer existent. People only knew comfort. Limited learning, nutritious food at regular intervals, the proper amount of sleep, never having to leave your home, no dangers of the outside world. No one could leave their house and get hurt anymore, no one had to worry about money or a job. Abaddon’s world was one of complete safety, he believed the real world had become just too dangerous. This was his vision. He would rename and register everyone in order to better keep track of them. No one would remember the past after his army of followers were through with them, they were to be brainwashed to forget how things used to be. Brainwashed so that no one would remember the horrible things Abaddon did. 

    The one great flaw that I’ve come to realize, Maxx, the one central unavoidable problem that humanity has, is that each person is totally dependent on others around them. For example, if you walk into a movie theatre, a school, a church, or anywhere, in fact, you are completely depending on all of the other people in the vicinity to be rational, “good” humans with morals and values. If anyone on a speeding highway decided to suddenly stop their car, there would be a huge pile up. It wouldn't be the fault of any other driver but the one. If someone in a supermarket decided to bring a knife with them from home and stab 5 people, there wouldn't be any way to stop them from doing so, no way of knowing that they were going to do this. So everyone in that supermarket is completely depending on the “goodness” of everyone else in that supermarket. Now clearly this is an issue, but is it something that can be solved? Do we shut everyone away to avoid problems, or can we cut it off at the root instead of asking people to change their normal lives. Can we learn how to see warning signs, or how to better educate youth so that this problem can be fixed? 

    Perhaps the most disturbing part of Abaddon’s plan was the reality of the human race inevitably dying off under these circumstances. If no one could live a life outside of their home, no one would ever know anyone but their own family. If only select families were allowed to live, this made the problem even larger. He wanted to be the ruler, but the silent ruler, he didn't want them to know they were under total control, if they grew up in a world where this was reality, they would just feel safe and secure until the day they died. When the last person on earth was gone, those in control, would then take their own lives. To Abaddon, ending the human race was the only way to solve its problems. There were a few of us who had planned to escape in the very beginning, we knew the end result of his plan. Our hope was that we would never have to see that day. Our hope is that we can stop him before it’s too late.

    What Abaddon could never understand is that the world needs the bad, in order to have good. He became what we fought against, he was taking away peoples freedoms.

    I write this now knowing they're coming for me. The world I live in now is not my own. Maxx I promise you I will make myself known to you once again. I’ve told your mother everything, and when the day comes that you find this, or I lead you too it -somehow- it will be the day we can change the course of the world, and right the wrongs that I was unable to correct the first time around. With your help I know we can reorder society. There were several who tried to escape, even a few from the original Uplifted community, but they may soon be dead and I can’t do this alone. You really may be the worlds’ only hope.

    Be wary that they can see all that you do Maxx.

Food For Thought, A Poster Series

A Basic Understanding Of Quantum Physics And How It Proves The Existence Of God

(A non-scholarly, extremely opinionated essay)


Before reading this text I implore you to understand a few things; I have no background in the topics that will be discussed, I simply find them interesting and have done research completely on my own terms. I don’t claim to be an expert and I welcome people with different opinions, (or more knowledge) to correct me on anything I have misrepresented. I will not cite any sources, but I will name experts who have given factual accounts of these topics, my reasoning for this is, as I’ve already stated, I researched the material without any expectation to write about them. What I will say is that if you’d like to research these points further you can simply look for online articles, watch videos about the subjects, or look at the Physics section of any bookstore, as I did. 


    On the quantum level there are many unexplained mysteries. Even though science still cannot fully explain how physics works on a sub atomic level, the more research that is done, the more it seems to point to an intelligent creator of our universe. Everything that we call real is entirely made up of things that cannot be regarded as real, on the quantum level the natural laws that we have in our own lives do not apply. At this level, things can be in two places at the same time, and fate is determined by chance. This sounds like the basis of science fiction but these are truths that theoretical physicists are attempting every day to explain. Every atom in the galaxy is made up of almost 100% empty space and quantum particles are zero dimensional points. This is made even more complex when you figure in that there are over 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos, and visible matter isn't enough to account for all that we know is out there. We know now that this is actually dark matter and dark energy (which are not made up of atoms) but no one actually knows what dark matter or dark energy really is. These are just a few seemingly impossible points of quantum physics, but to even attempt to wrap your head around them you have to understand how quantum studies were born. 

    The lightbulb actually birthed quantum mechanics. The problem proposed was that when the filament inside the bulb was heated it caused a glow of color, and the science behind this was unknown at the time. Max Planck (a German theoretical physicist) wanted to solve this problem. He built a Black Body Radiator to measure color produced by temperature. He discovered that ultraviolet light is rarely ever produced, even by the sun (this is called the Ultraviolet Catastrophe). Plank also found that there was a mathematical link between the color of light and its frequency and energy, but he didn't quite understand the connection. What he could understand was the connection between light and electricity, he believed light to be a wave, thus, it bends and smears objects with ripples of energy. (Think of your car dashboard on a hot summer day.) 

    Albert Einstein completely disagreed with the waves theory and said that, instead, we were to think of light as moving quantum particles. Red light has a low frequency and less energy while ultraviolet light has particles with a higher frequency and more energy. This solved the bulb problem; ultraviolet is harder to make due to its frequency, while red light is extremely easy to produce. This point was the birth of modern physics, light was then looked at as a wave and a particle simultaneously. However, bigger problems soon occurred; during the birth of modernism, the nature of our entire reality came into question.

    Niles Bohr (a Danish physicist) went up against Einstein’s theory that electrons are particles that behave like waves. Bohr said that electrons are actually moving in all possible paths at the same time and when we stop them to measure them, then they become a particle. He stated that you can’t know where an electron is before taking a measurement because things on the quantum level are literally everywhere at once until you isolate them. (Much like the omnipresence of god.) Only by looking to we bring it into existence, therefore it is not acting like anything before we observe. Before looking, things are not real, they only have the potential to be real. This was called the Copenhagen Interpretation. Similarly in logical reasoning you learn that anything has the potential to be true if it hasn't happened yet, you can say “If New York breaks away from the Unites States, then pigs will fly” and since it cannot be disproved then it is logically true.

    Going along with this theory, Erwin Schrodinger (an Australian physicist) famously placed a cat, poison, and a uranium bomb into a closed box. If everything reacted together the cat would die silently, but before looking no one would know if the uranium decayed or not, hence, no one would know if the cat was alive. According to quantum mechanics the cat is neither dead or alive but the sum of both possibilities simultaneously. Nothing is certain until someone makes a measurement, consciousness controls everything. If there is a question if the cat is alive and I, the observer, determine that it is, in fact, alive, then who determines if I am alive? It becomes an unending chain of people observing other people. However, there is a finite number of people on earth, this is when the observing becomes Cosmic Consciousness. (“A higher form of consciousness then that which is possessed by man.” As put by Richard Maurice Bucke in his 1901 book.) Bohr and Schrodinger’s experiments and theories both suggest that in order for us to be alive, a higher intelligence then that of humans must be consciously watching us. 

    Einstein disagreed with this type of interpretation, he famously asked “does the moon cease to exist when I don't look at it?” Do we have to give up on reality entirely and accept the possibility that it only exists when we are looking? He soon found a flaw in the Copenhagen Interpretation: entanglement. Quantum entanglement is the transportation of information between photons. When electrons are created together they are forever linked, no matter where they are. They will communicate despite space and time, and they will do so instantly. Entanglement proves that time travel is possible at high speeds, atoms can displace information even at opposite ends of the universe. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”.  It’s been proven that something is, in fact, linking everything across space, suggesting that all of our universe was created at once and that everything within it is connected by this energy.

    Einstein had his own doubts about this because his Theory of Relativity declared that nothing could move that fast. The Theory of Relativity, states that everything is constantly in motion but time is relative. Time literally slows down for light to travel at greater distances (time dilation). This combined with length contraction helps the speed of light to remain the same. (Although the speed of light is actually not constant when not in a vacuum.) Spacetime stops at the speed of light and goes backwards for objects that are going faster; objects can warp spacetime. These objects get surrounded by curves in spacetime and this explains the gravitational pull it will have on other objects (this is the General Theory of Relativity). Einstein believed that gravity does not pull space, but rather pushes it. Neil deGrasse Tyson (American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator) believes that gravity has little to do at the quantum level, the same way that the “Jesus spider” can walk on water, responding to the surface tension of the water. He states that physics manifests itself differently on different scales. Gravity isn't a force, its a distortion of space and time. A large object will cause a deep distortion and other objects will fall into that. He quotes John Wheelers famous response to Einstein’s theory, “Matter tells space how to curve, space tells matter how to move.” A disturbance at the speed of light causes a ripple. For example, a ripple traveling for more than 1.3 billion years, the result of collapsing black holes into one black hole caused a major disturbance. In the last instant that this happened there was more energy than in all of the stars in the universe combined, but just for a fraction of a second. This force came across detectors, it changed the length of mirrors rigged on thin wires across the wold by a fraction of the diameter of an atomic nucleus. This was the most precise measurement ever made, and also how gravitational waves were proved.

    Getting back to entanglement, Einstein believed it meant that destiny was predetermined beforehand, by a linked communication, but was hidden before we look. So it wasn't that we conjure things into existence by looking, but rather, they always exist and only our awareness changes by observing. 

    For John Bell (a Northern Irish physicist), the question was still unanswered. He wanted absolute proof if the quantum world only existed when observed. He wondered if there was a distinct problem with quantum mechanics, how can you check if something is real without looking? Again Einstein believed in a predetermined nature and only our knowledge changed, while Bohr said things don't exist at all until you look. Bell determined that reality is unknowable at the quantum level, and his mathematical equation to test his theories seemed quite untestable. However, In the 60s, hippies began to mix quantum mechanics and mysticism. They wanted to test Bell’s equation to prove the Bohr theory. They tested the polarization of photons with a laser, and acquired a numerical outcome based on calculating probability of photon color when viewed through a cube. Their answer came back, and it proved Bohr correct and Einstein wrong. Exactness does not exist without observance. Behaviors change with conscious viewing.

    So how does all of this directly relate to life after death? We’re getting to that, but first a little about the Higgs Boson, also called the “god particle”. Peter Higgs (a British theoretical physicist) said there is an energy field, or Higgs field, in the whole universe. He claimed that this is why some subatomic particles have a large mass and others do not (and some have none at all). The field gives them mass; the more interaction with the field the greater the mass, the less interaction the lesser the mass. An electron has the least mass of every particle while the Top Quark has the most, however, these two are both the same size (0 size). The Top Quark simply interacts more with the Higgs Field. The field is made up of the Higgs Boson, the building block of the universe, (discovered in Switzerland) it was the fuse that set the Big Bang Theory into motion. The Higgs Boson created the world as we know it today, 13.7 billion years ago, it quite literally gives everything mass. Without the Higgs Boson life would not exist. 

    In order to grasp these ideas you have to accept that your reality may not be true on some level. Michio Kaku (an American futurist, theoretical physicist and popularizer of science) strongly believes that the world is 9 dimensional and in the possibility of a 6th sense. He says that at some point, all scientific theories sounded ludicrous, yet today we know them to be true. Robert Lanza (a prominent American medical doctor and scientist) proposed that our reality is not what we think it is, everything is undetermined and time and space don't exist, they are just concepts we use to make sense of things. Our consciousness defines our perception, our reality can literally be stored on a hard drive since our consciousness can be broken down into blocks. Every moment of experience is a reality in itself and the concept of time is an illusion. Time isn't actually moving forward in a straight line, the pattern of quantized moments of experience is infinite and because of this, statistically an afterlife is inevitable. 

    Quantum physics studies things at the smallest levels, their interaction and how they make up reality. Atoms make up all matter but the smallest physical thing is what atoms are made up of and these are energy forces. Light holds everything together in an atom, but there are no laws that display how these things interact, they operate entirely outside of time and space. If one part is effected then the rest is all effected as well, despite if it’s separated. They are tied together by a communication (entanglement). This is why everything in our universe reacts together, the trouble is the smaller we go, the less we can measure, since every time a measurement is made the outcome is different.

    Quanta particles operate outside of our natural laws, time doesn't exist at the smallest level, and our world is made up of invisible particles. At the smallest level particles are reduced to nothing but then that means nothing makes up everything in our universe. So how can we understand our reality, but not the things that make up our reality? In much the same way, we are taught that the human brain cannot comprehend the meaning of god, there are some aspects of quantum mechanics that are simply unexplainable. We can predict probability but not how things actually work. There are so many problems with trying to understand things of a different nature.

    This doesn't stop scientists from trying, though, the Cosmological Constant (or anti gravity force) has actually been calculated. It was discovered to be an extremely precise number, more precise than anyone could have predicted. It is tuned to the 1 part and 10 to the 120 (120 decimal places). No physicist thinks that is accidental or coincidental. No force in cosmology is that finely tuned, if this number had been even slightly off there would have been no evolution, and stars would not have been created, so chance is out of the question here. Hidden within nature is a number so precise that you can’t deny it had to be designed, and that would imply a designer. The reason the world is built the way it is, is so that we can exist. Anthony Flew was an academic atheist (who debated with CS Lewis, an atheist turned Christian) but he is now changing his mind. He believes that the universe has to be the work of intelligence. As an example, our DNA arrangement is so complex that intelligence must be involved, he claims, extremely diverse elements working together in unison is nothing short of a miracle.

    Michio Kaku claims that scientific data is now disproving the idea of a universe, and is instead proving the multiverse. This is the modern day Copernican idea (Copernicus was the Renaissance astronomer and mathematician that claimed the sun is the center of the universe). In this theory, each universe is a bubble formed from another universe. Kaku calls this a blend of genesis and nirvana. There is no beginning and no end, beginnings are born out of eternity. There are an obscene amount of these parallel universes coexisting, each different one has every possibility for a universe ever, but it is, in fact, a finite number. Parallel universes are literally among us, we just cannot see them. One theory is that dark matter is actually these other worlds. Dark matter isn't made of atoms, and yet it makes up most of our universe, it’s invisible but it has a gravitational force. It might possibly be tracing invisible worlds. It is above our visible light spectrum but we can feel its force. A black hole sucks in matter but a white hole rebirths it at the other end, this could have happened with our universe, hence the big bang.

    Many physicists believe in a god of order, harmony, and simplicity. The universe is beautiful and it didn't have to be. Our galaxy could have been messy and disorganized. Some of the most complex theories about our universe (such as string theory) can literally be condensed down into one inch on a piece of paper. It’s mind-blowing to think that such a small formula can explain something so massive. However, these scientists, while accepting that there is an intelligent creative force, also realize that we don't have to separate science from that force. They consider god to be the creator of all that we know, but also understand that science directly correlates to that creation. Science has developed us since the beginning of time. This can be difficult to understand when we’re told from a young age that science and religion cannot coexist. What has to happen is that we need to stop thinking of science as only stone cold proven facts, and also stop thinking of religion as a man above us dictating our futures. Religion is just a way for people to understand god. Christianity literately teaches that our minds cannot understand God, so they thought of metaphors to explain it. (Religion also gets complicated because humans have used it as a tool to exploit others, those fully devoted to a religion, and also those fully opposed to a religion are easier to control.) We need to accept that religion is a man made concept while god (or however you’d wish to label a creator) is not.

    If you really look into the unexplainable parts of science, experts will tell you that there is a connective energy in all things, why then, can’t this be god? Humans tend to get very caught up in labels for things and they infer meanings from those labels. A potion is the same thing as medicine, however, when we hear those two words they have totally different meanings to us. We are trained that way. Both are elements mixed together to solve a problem. The same thing goes for coincidence and synchronicity. Both are the explanation for random acts that seem to have the same meaning, but we are forced into thinking one is random and one is fictitious. (Or as Carl Jung would say, the underlying of the entire human experience, and the greater wholeness of universal connections.) So you see, science and god go hand in hand, but we are trained to separate them. 

    Evolution is a fact. Period. Natural selection is still a theory, but evolution has been proven. However, why cant someone believe in evolution as well as creationism? Is it so radical to believe that our universe was created by a conscious energy force, one that clearly fine tuned our natural world so that it was perfect for us to exist, but then our species developed naturally through evolution as well? That’s what quantum physics seems to be proving all the time. 

    For the record there are still debates about how human evolution occurred. About 100,000 years ago different humanoids appeared. In Africa, Asia, and the Middle East homo erectus came about, in Europe was homo neanderthalensis. 70,000 years later they all evolved into a modern form. However, there are two main theories surrounding these occurrences: 


The Multi Regional Continuity Theory states that homo erectus left Africa and dispersed into other parts of the world. Regional populations evolved, and all humans come from erectus. This theory states that natural selection in different regions is responsible for different races. The emergence of homo sapien occurred wherever humans lived, and all genes mixed together. The MRC theory claims that homo habilis turned into erectus turned into sapien.


The Out of Africa Theory claims that modern humans evolved more recently in Africa and migrated to Eurasia to replace other populations that come from homo erectus. The populations are an entirely separate species, neanderthals. In this theory, homo sapiens came from Africa and replaced other humans without breeding with them, and modern human variation is only a recent phenomena. No genes mixed together at all, they were completely separate entities.

    Whatever is really happening on a quantum level and above, we still do not fully understand it. The whole point is to constantly question your reality. Even everyday things like politics, or even the food we eat. Just think about Laudanum (a concoction of opium and alcohol that was widely prescribed as medication in the 1800s); think of hormones in our food and why it is still allowed to be sold to us; think about how many times we have been lied to by politicians; about how we are still fed horoscopes regularly, when in fact the horoscope calendar has changed since it was originally created, so you’re not even the astrological sign that you think you are, and the factualness of horoscopes has been widely debunked; think about how Paganism or the use of Tarot has been forever stained by religions that named them taboo, when really they were nature based peaceful religions and story telling tools. Question your perception, question what you have been told, and don’t accept something until you have seen all sides. It’s no accident that we are trained not to do this. Things might just be more connected than you care to think.