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Arual, London

Arual, London

An appreciation post for the beautiful accessories sent to me from Arual. If you’re loving their designs as much as I do, use my code, SC20, for 20% off!


Arual is an accessories company based in London, UK, and without gushing too much I absolutely love their selection and style. In the run-up to leaving for Scotland, I knew I wanted to revamp my accessory collection and Arual gave me the perfect selection of easy-to-wear-while-running-around-a-mountain and just-right-for-a-dinner-at-the-Warldorf-Astoria.

I might have gone a bit crazy choosing my pieces, but because there was so much that I liked there I ended up with a nice little group of their designs;


I’ll start with my favorite piece of all, the gold map necklace. For someone who loves to travel it’s honestly the perfect gift. If I hadn’t picked it out for myself and instead received it as a present this holiday season, I would have been head over heels. It’s delicate but still substantial, and a great airport selfie companion.


For someone who always needs a quick small bag to throw a lipstick, phone, wallet, and keys in, this is perfect thing. Especially for a traveler or a constant concert-goer who doesn’t want to worry about a huge purse, or not having their hands free. This baby can be worn long or short, over the shoulder or cross body. One of the features I especially like is the inside zip, because it’s an all too often nightmare with bags that just have a flop over cover that something manages to slip out the side gap.


Casual or dressing up, these beauties do the trick. They’re pretty substantial as a statement accessory, but being black they’ll go with absolutely anything, and they’re super funky too.


THE BEST for a fancy night out, at a price that makes the wallet happy. Sitting among the rich and wealthy of Edinburgh in the Waldorf Astoria lounge, I still felt like a million bucks. They’re a bit heavy, so I’d definitely say to save them for an elegant dinner or drinks where you won’t be moving around too much (you might want to take ‘em out for dancing), but the look of them is seriously gorgeous.


Perfect perfect perfect for someone on the go. I wore these bad boys while hiking Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh and I didn’t bat an eye. They’re light and comfy, and you can actually shorten or remove completely the drop triangle for just a single stone stud look.

Visit them here! Keep in mind, their selection is always changing, so they might have replaced some of this line with new stunners already.

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