The Morgan Library

Yesterday was a hot summer Friday night in New York City, and while bars and dancing, restaurants and a weekend getaway sounded really appealing - what it seems the rest of the world was doing - when you’re broke in NYC options can seem scarce.

Free Things to do in NYC this Summer

Like never before, I have this itch to take advantage of living in NYC, especially in the upcoming summer months. Maybe it’s because I have no upcoming travel plans at the moment, or because as time goes on you appreciate things in different ways than you used to.

Cleopatra's Needle, The Obelisk in NYC

I’m a terrible New Yorker. There are so many things in my own city that I’ve never seen, that I’ve never heard of, that I didn’t care to experience in the past. I’d like to change that. Bright and early on a Saturday morning I found myself strolling through Central Park.

Explore Your Own City

When I visit another place I have a certain energy, a certain vigor that, for me, only comes with traveling. But, recently I’ve been wondering, what if I don’t go on another trip for a while? What if I miss that zest and excitement when you explore a new place?